Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flying By...

Wow! Time has flown by for this busy chica, lo siento to all of my readers for not updating more frequently. <yes, I randomly speak spanish for the heck of it>

Where to begin, well I laid to rest my beloved, pain in the ass Explorer and am now the proud new owner of a 2011 Chevy Impala. I was able to boost my credit score over 100 points since last December and was per-approved for a loan, hold the applause please. I hastily sold my Explorer and all of the problems aka broken strut, bald tires, 150k+ miles, worn routers, etc. I now own a vehicle with a powerful V6 engine (currently waiting for the red, white and blue lights to come screeching up behind me) and is in mint condition with 34k miles. What a difference a newer car makes. My breaks are so sensitive I still have whip lash from my first week of driving it. I feel truly blessed for being able to finance this car solo, with no help from my parents or family members and can honestly say it is MY car :)

Onto the next chapter, literally. I am currently rereading 50 Shades of Grey, which happens to be the most erotic novel I have read in my short 21 years of life. I must say, it is the best book series I have gotten my nose in and I cannot believe a book based on a dom/sub relationship can be so addicting. But it is! I will now remain single FOREVER because my standards have been set to Christian Grey levels. Which means, sorry boys, but pretty much no one can compare to this character. I have fallen head over heals in love with this man and his ideals, goals and life itself. Amazingly, given the content I have yet to hear a single woman talk bad about this series. The sex scenes are hot, the relationship is for us hopeless romantics and the financial/life situations are those many dream of. The talk of the town is this book series and after a week of late nights to finish the trilogy I can see why!

I currently am packing to go on a short mini trip with one of my dearest friends to Knox, Indiana for the weekend. Talk about two days of sunshine, beer and good company :) and in less then two weeks I am off on another wild wind adventure to Virginia Beach for a scenery change. Talk about a great July huh?

I have nothing sad to say, because I am doing so much better in life. I do not dwell on this past winter. Instead I think of the happy times and can honestly say I am in such a good place right now. Financially I am doing good, my apartment decor is coming along quite smoothly and time is flying by at lightning speed.

 Before I knew it, I was booking a room for my best friend's wedding! How crazy is that? So many people from high school are having babies, getting engaged, planning for the future. Where does my future belong, besides with Christian Grey? Who knows? School starts August 20th and my goal is to have a plan by the end of my first semester at Ivy Tech. I plan on actually going to my classes, completing homework and maybe even studying for exams gasp!
We will see what the future hold, but until then, thanks for reading my quick catch up! Adios Amigos.

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