Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Habitual- sing it for me

I am a person of habit. I wake up around 8 even if I don't have to. I am not a fully functioning person until I have had at least 2 strong cups of coffee. For the most part I work the same shifts every week, I hang out with the same people and I do the same activities.
 One thing has completely changed in my routine, and that is my music style. I have gone from R&B and Pop to full out Country- gasp!! Everyone who knows me must remember I spent 21 years making fun of people who listened to songs about pick up trucks, cold beer and harvest time. Now this is all I listen to, and I do not miss my old music style. Of course I still will blare Drake and Rhianna in my headphones, but this is a rare occurrence. Now my iPhone is full of Luke Bryan(my favorite), Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Eli Young Band, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and more. I know, EXACT opposite of what I usually listen to.
The thing is, country songs have meaning. They deal with love, a warm summer day, the good and bad family times.

My other music is about banging some chic, the bar scene and other useless crap. Country has soul and meaning, something I was missing out on music wise.
The funny thing is, my ex is the one who got me into this. When he passed away we went through his laptop and found a downloaded song from YouTube. "I Don't Want This Night To End" by Luke Bryan. I listened to it over and over and over during the month of February and later on borrowed the cd from my mom (another country fan). I fell in love. Every song he sings is amazing and has something we can relate to. I started listening to Hank FM in my car and realized I am a huge country fan. I just needed to be pushed in that direction- weird how it happened.

This music genre has honestly changed me. Each song has a story behind it, a special meaning. I love listening to each one and trying to learn the story, feel the emotion behind the lyrics. Yeah I realize I am taking this a bit to the extreme, but there is no better feeling then laying by the pool and setting my pandora station to country. I love almost every song I hear and usually end up buying them all on iTunes. My mom and sister are huge country fans. My sister and I have not spoken in years yet when she learned I am a country fan she promptly made me a CD. Speaking relationship in the future, maybe? Yeah who knows on that part, but it is something I have tucked into the back of my mind for further thinking on sometime.

So yes, I have changed completely. I now want a cute plaid shirt and a brown cowgirl hat. :) Nah not that bad, well...maybe. But this small change has made a difference, even my mom commented on it. I have it playing in the background at all times and really appreciate music now. Silly thing, how much this has changed me. But it is for the better, and I am loving it.
Random post yes, but to those of you who are not country fans think again. Listen to a few songs, hear the words and put it together.
Find the meaning, there is something for everyone.


  1. I see a "The Sarahs Take Nashville By Storm" weekend in our near future!
    Welcome to the dark side. :)

  2. Thank you :) it feels great to be here! And yes I am thinking a roadtrip will do our cyber relationship wonders!