Monday, May 21, 2012

Sweet Summertime

hey kiddos,
I know it has been a while since I have written to you all. Life has been busy lately (no complaints eh?). With Missouri two weeks ago, which was amazing and working my doubles I haven't had much to blog about. 
let's start with Missouri, talk about a spectacular time. I visited my best friend, my separated at birth blonde at heart twin. We have been best friends for years, even with her living in Hawaii (jealous much?) and us not talking for a few years. She is the type you can always count on and doesn't judge your actions. I flew out and spent the week living with her, her fiance and their roommate. I didn't stress about a single thing other than what type of alcoholic beverage to try next or what munchie to buy at the grocery store. We spent hours catching up on life, talking about the silliest stuff and just relaxed. It reminded me how important our friendship is. I considered moving out there...even apartment shopped a bit. We had a plan on how to move everything out there and for me to get a fresh start. To be honest, if I wasn't in a lease I would have canceled my flight back to Indy.
and then i came home... and realized how much I am needed in Indy right now. I missed my parents, my brother and their doggies. I missed my other family, the Freije's and was reminded how important they are and how much I love spending time in Brownsburg. I came back to reality when I got home, and for now decided to put Missouri on hold. Let's start with Saturday, the 12th. I had no food, a crappy phone and a bunch of birthdays and holidays to shop for. I spent the day blowing through my cash and treated myself to the...wait for it...ta daaaa IPHONE!! I never spend that type of money on myself, and regretted it at first, but no way will I ever go back to Android - sorry Shelly!! I went back to work on Mothers Day and when I first walked into Cracker Barrel after a week off, I realized how many good friends I have there. My managers all said hi, asked how my vacation was and everyone made a point to come up and chat. I guess after being there for almost three years that is the reaction when your gone for so long. And as cheesy as it sounds, it felt really good to be back.
on monday, I heard the horrible news of my ex's ex mother-in-law (figure that one out) passing away. Her name was Sally and she was an absolute sweetheart. I went to the showing and was there for the family. This was when it hit me I need to stay in Indy for a little while longer. The showing was at the same mortuary as Tom's and that was difficult to go through. But I was able to see the whole family again and I felt so lucky to have them back in my life. I get to see his grandkids, who I call my kiddos, and keep them once a week this summer. This starts tonight!! I am so excited, it is absolutely ridiculous. Tom and I use to take them for a few days at a time during the summer and we would go fishing, golfing, swimming and cookout with them. They mean the world to me and I think it will be good for all three of us to do stuff together. They are having a rough time adjusting to their papaw being gone and I really hope to help them.
i haven't gone to my therapist for a few weeks and I don't plan on going back. I went to a few sessions and they helped, but I don't feel the need to start back again. I am doing good, better than I have in 4 months. It is sweet summertime, time to do stuff for me. I don't have school which means more time on my hands. I want to take a few roadtrips, spend time with both of my families, go to a few concerts, meet new people and work on friendships from my past that I destroyed. I want to go back to the old Sarah completely, the one my friends in high school knew, the one my parents miss. I don't want to walk around sad anymore and regretting so much. I will always live with the guilt, but it no longer dominates my every thought and action. I can wake up in the morning with good thoughts, and not have to use my silly exercises to get me going. I listen to upbeat music now and am making myself try new things.
so friends, readers, old friends, new friends and family, welcome the summer with me! Shoot me a text, tweet my name, message me on facebook, catch up. I am a great listener and I love to give matter what the issue is. I have gotten so many responses from this silly blog it is inspiring me to reach out. I have readers who have emailed me, total strangers, asking for advice if they are in similar situations. I love getting those emails and I always take my time responding. Live it up this summer, have no regrets and as always, 'do what you like and like what you do.'
Until next time friends!

And oh yes, listen to this song. Talk about amazing. We found this on my ex's laptop and I must say it is my new favorite song and artist!

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  1. Proud of you! And now we're cyber pals AND we can FaceTime! Lol