Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Living Vicariously :)

ok readers, so far my quest to have a terrific summer is off to an amazing start! I am busy all day nearly every day. Time is flying by, which made me realize I have not updated in a week or so. I have been spending a great deal with Shawn and Alyssa (sissy), my ex's grand kids. They are the love of my life and I would truly do anything for these two. They light up at the smallest things and genuinely love coming over to my place for a night or two. They ask for chocolate chip pancakes, we have family movie night, go golfing, have long talks and just have fun. I feel like a kid again and feel so important in their lives. Yeah, I'm kinda crazy about these two. They keep me grounded, in a good way, and remind me about the small things in life that we tend to forget about while on the go.
went to the 500 on Sunday with one of my best friends and had a blast. Yeah I thought it would be weird to go without him for the first time but it really wasn't. I felt nostalgic and definitely missed him and I doing our 500 weekend rituals, but I am too much of a race fan to give up something I very much enjoy. We drank Daily's frozen daiquiris, took pictures and got some great sun. I must say it was one of the greatest races I've watched in a while. With over 31 lead changes and the accident during the final lap, we were constantly on the edge of our seats. I am hoping to go to the Brickyard 400 this year and take Shawn, redneck much? We shall see how work goes and how cheap I can buy tickets. 
all in all this last week has been so darn good. I am honestly happy and don't think too much about the bad stuff. I am constantly on the go (waiting for gas to go even lower ;)) and surround myself with the people who mean the most to me. I am going to my parents more often, spending a lot of time in Brownsburg with my second family and make plans with friends almost daily. Life is going so good right now I am almost waiting for the next shoe to drop. Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't happen. 
Until next time friends! 

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